Savings Catcher is one of Walmart's most popular online services. Savings Catcher is an app where customers can scan their receipts and if Walmart finds a cheaper price from its competitors, the customer gets the difference back. Currently Walmart does not have a rewards program so Savings Catcher is filling a need for customers to get savings.
The project started by defining the challenge with the product owner and the head of engineering team. 
Our primary goal was to simplify the user experience – both from a customer and engineering perspective – without losing any key functionality. Another big goal was to direct customers to sign up and submit their eReceipts with Walmart Pay, Walmart’s mobile payment service. Thirdly, we also needed to update the visual style to match the new Walmart branding. 
Our team consisted of 10+ members. I was the Lead UX Designer.  
My redesign focus was to streamline the experience so the user could do as many actions as possible from the Savings Catcher home screen. In the old experience users had to tap from the home screen to do an action like submitting their receipts or see their rewards balance.
From early on the home screen became a dashboard for the customer to clearly see their rewards balance, sign up for Walmart Pay, submit a receipt and see their receipt status. 
I wanted the dashboard to give a celebratory feel to the customer that would bring them joy to look at. I started with different tones of greens to symbolize money. However the dashboard illustration started to evolve towards more airy outlook based on the new Walmart visual style. I for example created a new coin illustration that nodded towards the old symbol and was in line with the new style. I found the challenge was to create an image that would be simple enough for the viewer to recognize but not take too much attention from the other elements.
The new dashboard brings the focus to the rewards balance and directs the customer to the main action, to scan receipts.
User Testing
We wanted to validate our designs before they were fully built. I created InVision prototypes for both, iOS and Android for new and existing customers. We wanted to find out if the users understood the Savings Catcher value proposition and knew how to use the product. 
Overall the feedback was positive: customers understood what Savings Catcher was and how it works. The existing customers were pleased to see how the home screen now had all the actions they previously had to tap into multiple screens in. 
The major challenge for the customers was to understanding how to redeem their rewards. The redeem process happens through another Walmart product, Walmart Pay and for this the user can connect their credit card with Walmart Pay and redeem while in store or with a gift card when shopping online. We addressed this challenge by editing the instructional wording about how to redeem with Walmart Pay. 
For Walmart the redesign effort also meant incorporating ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) compliance into the design. I worked with an internal ADA designer to annotate the screens for a screenreader. The build was then QA tested for accessibility.
Final Product
The Savings Catcher experience is available for both Android and iOS through the Walmart app.
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